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New Course Design

At Ross Golf Design, we are committed to providing exceptional golf course design services for new course design projects from start to finish. We work closely with owners and the team to understand their vision to guarantee the direction towards the common goal of providing a unique and sustainable golf development.

A comprehensive golf course development plan outlines the various stages, considerations, and processes involved in designing and developing a golf course, providing a systematic approach from site analysis to the grand opening.

Phases of Golf Course Development:


  • Architects collaborate with clients, understand the vision, target audience, and goals.

  • Site analysis evaluates topography, soil conditions, and environmental considerations.

  • Develop initial design concepts considering playability, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Design Development:

  • Detailed plans specify the layout, bunkers, greens, and fairways.

  • Designers consider strategic challenges, flow between holes, and overall aesthetics.

  • Incorporate environmental considerations such as water features and landscaping.


  • Skilled teams execute design plans, shaping terrain with heavy machinery.

  • Install infrastructure, including irrigation systems, drainage, and cart paths with precision.

  • Pay attention to environmental conservation, minimizing disruption to natural habitats.


  • The course undergoes a grow-in period, establishing turf and maturing landscaping.

  • Critical phase for ensuring optimal playing conditions and visual appeal.

  • Ongoing monitoring of turf health, irrigation efficiency, and overall course condition.


  • Grand opening marks the course's official introduction to the public or members.

  • Marketing efforts, events, and promotions organized to attract golfers.

  • Feedback from initial play considered for any adjustments or improvements.


We collaborate with land planners to help maximize land resources, providing optimum opportunities for real estate development, and creating a sustainable and marketable project that is reflected in our routing plan options. We also work closely with golf course construction specialists, agronomists and water management experts, who work together to provide a holistic approach to the design process.

Ross Golf Design prides itself on being a collaborative partner with developers, working closely with all stakeholders to create sustainable golf course designs within budget. They prioritize allowing the natural features of the land to influence the design, considering the specific requirements of various course types. The ultimate aim is to produce fun and challenging courses that attract golfers for repeat visits, reflecting their customer-focused and environmentally conscious approach.

Course Enhancement
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