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At Ross Golf Design, we are committed to providing exceptional golf course design services for new course design projects from start to finish. We work closely with owners to understand their vision and bring together a team of professionals to guarantee the direction towards the common goal of providing a unique and sustainable golf development.

We collaborate with land planners to help maximize land resources, providing optimum opportunities for real estate development, and creating a sustainable and marketable project that is reflected in our routing plan options. We also work closely with golf course construction specialists, agronomists and water management experts, who work together to provide a holistic approach to the design process.


We conduct site visits during the construction to ensure that all works are carried out in accordance with the design, and that the correct materials are used, only signing off once approved.


We take a sustainable approach to water management, integrating water supply options and irrigation systems that provide a more cost-effective and efficient means of delivering water. Our contour plans provide strategic movement for the ball and drainage, capturing excess water for reuse on the course.


We work closely with the agronomist and future maintenance and operations team to choose the right grasses, which provide optimum growing and recuperation conditions. We consider newer grasses that are more sustainable and require less water, chemicals, and fertilizers.


At Ross Golf Design see ourselves as partners with the developers, working closely with all stakeholders to produce a sustainable design within budget.


We let the land dictate the design, taking into account the type of course, whether it is a private member's club, country club, or resort development, and creating a fun and challenging course that golfers will enjoy and come back to time and again.

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