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Course Renovation & Assessement

Renovating your golf course is a strategic decision driven by various factors that collectively contribute to the overall enhancement of your facility. Here are compelling reasons to consider a renovation:

Course Maintenance:

   - Ongoing Wear and Tear: Over time, golf courses naturally undergo wear and tear due to regular play, weather conditions, and organic growth. Ross Golf Design specializes in addressing these issues through meticulous renovations, repairing damaged areas, improving drainage systems, and ensuring the sustained playability and visual appeal of the course.


Player Expectations:

   - Meeting Golfer Expectations: Golfers have specific expectations regarding the quality and playability of a course. A renovation with Ross Golf Design allows for the upgrading of essential features such as greens, fairways, bunkers, and tee boxes, enhancing both the aesthetics and strategic elements of the course. By meeting golfer expectations, your course can attract more players and significantly improve customer satisfaction.


Technological Advancements:

   - Incorporating Advanced Technology: Advances in golf course management technology and equipment may necessitate renovations. Ross Golf Design can seamlessly integrate innovations such as advanced irrigation systems, new turfgrass varieties, or improved maintenance equipment into the course design. These upgrades enhance maintenance practices and operational efficiency.


Safety and Accessibility:

   - Enhancing Safety: Safety concerns for golfers and property can drive renovations. We ensure that hazards, such as poorly positioned trees or bunkers, are addressed. Additionally, the layout can be optimized for accessibility, creating a safe environment for all players, including those with disabilities.


Environmental Sustainability:

   - Eco-Friendly Practices: Ross Golf Design is committed to environmentally friendly practices, aligning with the growing emphasis on environmental responsibility in golf course management. Renovations can include upgrading irrigation systems with smart technology, incorporating drought-resistant grasses, and optimizing water and input management practices to minimize ecological impact and showcase dedication to environmental stewardship.


Competitive Factors:

   - Staying Competitive: Renovations undertaken with us help golf courses stay competitive in the industry. Upgrading facilities, adding amenities, adjusting course layouts for increased challenge, and enhancing visual appeal contribute to attracting players and maintaining a competitive edge.


Regulatory Compliance:

   - Meeting Regulatory Standards: Changes in local regulations and environmental guidelines can prompt renovations to ensure compliance. We assist in addressing issues related to water quality, stormwater runoff management, and wildlife habitat protection, showcasing a proactive approach to preserving the surrounding ecosystem and promoting sustainability within the golf industry.










Golf Course Assessment Visit


Our three-day golf course assessment study will comprehensively analyze current course conditions, layout, design, and functionality. The final report will include detailed commentary, analysis, photos, plans, and design proposals for all holes. We will also review the course layout and provide three photomontage examples of proposed changes.


We will cover overall course condition, topography, soil quality, drainage, and environmental factors. We will evaluate vegetation, infrastructure, and assess the strategic elements of each hole, including par assignments and flow of play.


Length of holes, tee box alignment and variety, landing areas, elevation changes, doglegs, fairway bunkers, water hazards, and green design will be analyzed.


We will also consider fairway width, hole sequencing, safety concerns, turf health, drainage/irrigation systems, golfer experience, course maintenance, infrastructure/facilities, environmental impact, and sustainability measures.


Our recommendations and renovation plans will be tailored to your specific needs and vision. The assessment report will provide actionable recommendations, focusing on playability, condition, and overall experience.


We prioritize a strategic and player-centric approach, delivering design solutions that optimize course layout and cater to golfers' preferences. The final report will serve as a roadmap for implementing enhancements, providing steps and timelines for each improvement. Our solutions aim for visually appealing, sustainable, and environmentally responsible upgrades.

In summary, partnering with Ross Golf Design for your golf course renovation ensures a comprehensive and strategic approach that considers maintenance, player expectations, technological advancements, safety, environmental sustainability, competitive factors, and regulatory compliance. This not only enhances the course's overall appeal but also aligns with the principles of responsible and forward-thinking golf course management.


We are always excited about the opportunity to collaborate in upgrading and enhancing golf courses.


If you would like to know more about our golf course renovation assessment, please feel free to contact us to discuss your vision, goals for your golf course and how we can tailor our services to meet your specific renovation needs.

To start, please fill in the questionnaire below.

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